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Sonic Toothbrushes

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  • Sensonic SR-1000

    Powerful, yet gentle plaque removal

    The Waterpik ® Sensonic ® Professional Electric Toothbrush is an advanced, high-speed toothbrush with sonic technology.

  • Sensonic Professional SR-3000

    More effective sonic toothbrushing.

    Introducing the Waterpik ® Sensonic ® Professional Plus toothbrush. With state-of-the-art sonic technology, its bristle tip speed is 25% faster than Sonicare ® FlexCare. Clinical research confirms that the Sensonic Professional Plus is up to 29% more effective at removing plaque and up to 26% more effective at improving gum health than Sonicare ® FlexCare.

  • Nano-Sonic ® AT-50

    Introducing the Waterpik ® Nano-Sonic ® Toothbrush (AT-50). The Nano-Sonic toothbrush features a compact, ergonomic handle design and 16,000 gentle sonic brush strokes per minute.