When are the products shipped?

Orders are sent on Tuesday and Thursday after which they are delivered the next day.

If a product is in stock at the time of ordering, it will be delivered within 5 working days.

What does the shipping of the products costs

We ask a contribution of € 3, – for shipping costs per order up to an order amount of € 100, -.

If the order amount is more than € 100, – we do not charge shipping costs.

How can I see if a product is in stock?

The product information states how many pieces are in stock.

If the product is not in stock but is visible in the store, the product will be delivered within 10 working days.

We strive to only show products in the store that are in stock.

How can I change the contents of the shopping cart?

You can change the amount or check the product that you want to delete completely.

How long do I have a guarantee?

We provide 24 months warranty on all products.